We will try and answer some of our more commonly asked questions

What hours are we open?

The R/C Compound is at our home so call or text 770-560-0770. If anyone is home then you are welcome to stop by. We work for ourselves in another trade so there is almost always some one here. If it is your first time out than I ( Darren) prefer to be here to show you around.

Do you sell parts?

We are currently working on partnering with a local hobby shop to start carrying some of the more basic parts just to keep you playing. But we are a few months away from that right now.

Do you service or repair r/c?

We are always willing to help out a fellow hobbiest for free. We are capable of working on most cars and trucks, we do not have any set prices but if you do not want to work on your own stuff or dont have the time we can come up with a fee that would suite all parties. We do however recommend working on and learning about your rc. Its the best way to appreciate this hobby to its fullest.