yeti xl

Our Approach

If we provide a fun place to play and help new people get into and understand our hobby we help the hobby grow. If we help the hobby grow then we have more people to have fun.

Our Story

We just like to have fun! I started building all of this so my kids and all our friends had a place to play and be creative.

Meet the Team

We have a lot of people who have helped in making us what we are today, we could not have such a great place to play without all the ideas from so many great minds, not to mention all the hard work.

Darren Miller


I started in RC over 20 years mostly onroad cars and off road buggies, all nitro back then. Took about a decade off and bought some property and got back into it..... very into it. So I'm hooked! racing, crawling, flying everything R/C we love it all.

Host of our Youtube channel Dragonfly RC / BBC Outdoors.



Dabney has been around since shortly after we opened, always willing to lend a hand and help come up with new ideas. He helps out at most of the events we host and is in general, a great partner in crime for bad/ fun ideas and a great product tester ( if he can't break it, it gets our seal of approval)

You may also recognize him as helping host our Youtube channel Dragonfly RC / BBC Outdoors.

The Family

Helpers/Event Coordinators/BuildersĀ 

For everything from building, maintaining, corner marshaling to helping judge and just putting up with all this mess we call a hobby.

We absolutely could not do what we do here with out my wife Amanda, my kids and my wife'sĀ  best friend Sabrina.

Next Steps...

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