Crawl Courses

We have crawl courses ranging from beginner to expert.

Rocks, Bridges, Waterfalls and crossing, MUD, Tunnels and Scale buildings for all your picture taking and driving wants and needs.

We are constantly adding new courses and trails!

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Short course and U4RC tracks

You like to go fast? Jump? bump and race we got that too.

For you rock guys that want to go fast we have a large U4RC course as well.

All of race courses do have drivers stands for your racing pleasure.

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For the Pilots

We have drone gates and courses set up in the open and flying trail through the woods. Our open area is largest enough for small to medium planes as well but we are more set up for drones. Larger photography / video drones welcome as well.

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Let us introduce ourselves.

The R/C Compound was created by the group Dragonfly R/C formally know as BBC Outdoors a little over 3 years ago. The Compound was built on 4 acres at our home.

There is a $5.00 charge to come and play for the day and all we ask is you pick up your trash and to not walk on our crawl courses.  We have a seating area and work tables with power for charges.  The R/C Compound is open anytime but because it at our home we do ask that you call or text first to make sure someone is home. You can call or text Darren at 770-560-0770

We have a wide variety of crawler courses like our nearly famous Ninja Warrior course with every imaginable obstacle to thoroughly test your skills and a couple of water fall courses, all of which can light up at night for evening driving.

Our first course built here was a large short course track for the guys who like to race with large jumps for the basher guys. Don't worry we have a  U4RC course for you rock racers as well.

We got into flying a few years ago as well and so we put in air gates and trails through the woods to fly the race drones. We even cleared a bunch of tree so we can fly the smaller of our planes as well.

There is defiantly a lot to do here to have fun at the R/C compound.

For upcoming events please check out and join us on our Facebook page at

Drop by for an event or just spend the day or even just a few hours getting in some R/C therapy.



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We can host your group R/C events, birthday parties and more.

Is your child wanting an R/C birthday party? We have just the place for them and their friends to run anything they have and occasionally we do have some rental r/cs.

Do you have a local group looking to have a comp a race? Get in touch with us and we can help make that a reality.